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As Canada’s first and oldest nanny and elder caregiver tax solutions service, Nanny Tax has grown rapidly reflecting growth in the in-home and out-of-home care sector. Nanny Tax takes the burden of calculating, recording, and reporting payroll taxes and earnings. Nanny Tax can even facilitate paying your caregiver employees. We cover all your payroll, deduction, and tax filing needs from CPP and EI deductions to preparing the right paperwork and filing the correct CRA documents for employers and employees.


For employers of eldercaregivers, nannies, housekeepers, and other household employees, Nanny Tax can relieve stress during tax season and potentially find savings in your household budget by knowing the Canada Revenue Agency, its rules and regulations.


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Nanny Tax

NannyTax is Canada's first and longest serving nationwide
business dedicated to nanny payroll tax solutions

Alleviate the frustrations of:

Monthly tax, CPP, EI

Monthly CPP, EI Remittances, and Payroll Taxes

Canada Pension Plan, Employment Insurance, and Payroll Tax remittances are necessary costs of being an employer or an employee in Canada.


Nanny Tax takes care of calculating CPP, EI, Payroll Tax costs, as well as recording and paying the correct amounts to the Canada Revenue Agency regularly.


Benefits live-in

Taxable Benefits of Room and Board

Do you have a live-in nanny or elder-care giver living under your roof? If you do, their room and board may be considered taxable benefits by the Canada Revenue Agency. As an employer understanding how the CRA views this complicated benefit is essential to providing your employees with the fairest compensation plan possible.


Nanny Tax will assist you to calculate the correct taxable benefits of the lodging and food you offer your live-in employee to be certain there are no surprises for either of you in the future.


Benefits live-out.

Taxable Benefits for Out of Home, Live-Out Caregivers

Do you pay your child or elder caregiver an automobile benefit or allowance for the use of their vehicles? Do you offer them stipends for transportation, a bus pass, or other expenses that might arise in the course of their employment? Some of those payments might be considered taxable benefits by the Canada Revenue Agency.


Take the guess work out of calculating taxable benefits and let Nanny Tax take care of yours and your caregiver’s CRA obligations.



Generating T4 and T4 Summaries at Tax Time

The T4 and T4 Summary are among the most important documents an employer owes their employee and the Canada Revenue Agency. These documents form the basis of your employees’ tax returns and of your remittances to the CRA.


Nanny Tax calculates, formats, prepares, and submits the T4 and T4 Summary documents for you, saving hours of work and unnecessary stress around tax time.



Completing Record of Employment Forms

Employment contracts and engagements end. When it is time for your child care worker or elder caregiver to move on, you need to supply them and Service Canada with a Record of Employment. The ROE details the time of the employment engagement and sets a definite end date for Employment Insurance purposes.


Nanny Tax can prepare and submit your records of employment for you, saving hours of time and unnecessary stress associated with Service Canada paperwork.


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Employers of Eldercaregivers, Nannies, Housekeepers or other household employees:

What a great service - finally someone to take the stress out of worrying if I am doing my nanny's taxes properly. Now it is taken care of correctly and on time, every time."


- N. R.

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