5 Signs That Your Nanny is Perfect for Your Family

This guest post by Mommy Edition:

Do you have a great nanny or caregiver working for your family? If so, hold on to them tight as the nanny market is competitive, and you don’t want your neighbors scooping your golden helper. If you aren’t sure if your nanny is the right fit for your family, here are 5 signs that he or she is a winner, and that you won’t want to lose them.

1. They are dependable.

Is your nanny always on time? Do they get little Billy to soccer practice, Suzie to art class, and the baby to group tummy time without missing a beat? Can you always count on them be there when you need them?

Having a dependable nanny that you can trust to get the job done is important. There is nothing worse then having to call in to work, because your nanny has flaked out and you have no idea where he/she is. I take that back, the only thing worse is having no idea where your kids are because your nanny is not where they are supposed to be with your kids. An unreliable caregiver is a NIGHTMARE. If yours is dependable, that is a great sign that he or she is a keeper.

2. They adore your kids.

Does your kiddo’s caregiver act like he/she is just showing up for any other job? Do they seem to have fun with your kids and enjoy spending time with them?

The last thing you want is someone around your kids who is there 100% just for a paycheck. While getting paid is a HUGE part of it, the right person will LOVE being around children, especially yours. You want someone who is enthusiastic and enjoys their little charges. Someone who hates kids, hates playing, and doesn’t get along with your kids is not going to work out in the long run. All kids can be a handful on a daily basis. If your nanny loves your kids even when they’re exhausted and crabby, you just may have a winner.

3. Your kids love them too.

Do your kids look forward to spending time with their caregiver? Having your kids around someone they like is just as important as having someone around who likes them. Friendship and respect needs to go both ways for their relationship to work out. If your children LOVE their nanny, you for sure won’t want to lose them.

4. They lead by example.

Is your caregiver a rule follow or a rule breaker? A great nanny will be a positive role model and lead by example. They will follow the house rules, leave phones off during dinner, speak kindly to others, share, clean up after themselves, and help inspire your little ones to be the best little people that they can be.

5. You feel that they are irreplaceable.

How do you feel about your nanny? Are they just “okay” or are they irreplaceable?

If you feel like your nanny is a second set of mommy/daddy hands and another member of the family, you won’t want to lose them. Make sure you let them know how important they are to you and the kids, say thank you often for their services, pay them on time, and do what you can to let them know you do appreciate them. Having a caregiver for your children that you can’t do without should be a huge sign that they are in fact a perfect fit for your family.

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