Family Resolutions for 2016

Most New Year resolutions focus only on the person making the resolution, and don’t really focus on the family. This year, consider adding on these family goals to get the whole group on board and coming together. These resolutions are fun, they’re simple, and they can really improve your quality of life and family relationships.

To Read 52 New Books with the Kids

How many new books did you read with your kiddos this past year? While many parents let their little ones choose a book at bedtime, they often end up reading the same story several nights a week. This year mix things up by aiming to read 52 new books with your kids.

Make a weekly or bi-weekly trip to the library part of your normal routine. Check out a stack of new books and you’ll be on your way to hitting that goal of 52 new reads in no time. Reading as a family builds a strong family bond, gets in some much needed quality time, enriches vocabulary, and shows kids that reading is a fun! Check out our article How To Raise a Bookworm if you need a little extra help getting the kids on board for this one.

To Let the Kids Help With 52 Dinners

Most busy parents rush to get dinner on the table, missing an opportunity to score a little extra family time. Make it a goal for 2016 to get the kids involved in the kitchen at least once a week. Depending on age and ability, kids can help with anything from washing fruits and veggies to setting the table.

If you have school aged children, invest in a plastic kid friendly knife and let them get even more involved. They’ll learn some basic cooking skills, you’ll get a little “help” in the kitchen, and this will be a great time to talk about the exciting things that happened during the day. If you’re worried about the weeknight time crunch, consider making this your new weekend or night off tradition. Check out our article Quick and Easy Dinner Ideas for Busy Parents for a little dinner inspiration.

To Have 52 Family Date Nights

With parents busier than ever, having a New Year’s goal of 52 family date nights can help you schedule in priceless family time. One night a week, have everyone unplug, enjoy a relaxed family dinner, play board games, tell stories, camp in the yard, go for a stroll around the block, or go out for a night on the town. The kids will only be this age once, and family date night memories will last a lifetime. Need some inspiration? Check out our article 3 Family Fun Date Night Ideas for the Sandwich Generation.

Do you know of another resolution that would be perfect for families? If so, please leave a comment and let us know. We LOVE comments, and yours could help others!

Photo courtesy of Yoshiyasu Nishikawa on Flickr.

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