You Can’t Put A Price On Frustration Relief!

Seven years ago…

I hired Linda to take care of my new baby girl. At the time I had no idea what my payroll tax obligations were to my nanny, and to the government. My friends tried to help me and I did the best I could, but I just couldn’t seem to get it right.

I didn’t have all the information, I forgot to consider all the categories and my calculations were always off. I was either paying too much, or too little!

When I started receiving letters from the CRA I knew it was time for a service like NannyTax, and now I completely understand the value of outsourcing!

As a busy mom with a full time teaching job, NannyTax gives me one less thing to worry about. They provide a professional and efficient service, plus they have all the answers I need at their fingertips.

I can’t quantify the hours NannyTax saved me but I know I can’t put a price on frustration relief!

Because my nanny Linda works flexible hours, calculating her pay can be challenging. With NannyTax, I simply provide the number of hours worked and they in turn provide me with the correct calculations. Plus NannyTax sends me regular reminders so I don’t forget to submit Linda’s hours for each period.

I’m happy because NannyTax takes a huge load off my shoulders for very little cost. And Linda’s happy because she receives professional looking pay stubs at the end of each period.

NannyTax has got me covered, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the service to other busy families.

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