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We have three levels of service to offer employers of child or elder care-givers. The Hero, SuperHero, and Legendary packages are designed to cover a variety of needs and situations. Please check each carefully to select the one that best meets your needs as a nanny or elder-caregiver employer. There are no Nanny Tax upfront sign up, annual, or hidden fees.


Monthly tax, CPP, and EI amounts

Integrating the taxable benefit of room & board

Calculating other taxable benefits

Generating the T4 and T4 summary

Completing the ROE form

Employment Standards compliant paystubs

Remitting to the CRA and/or WCB

Direct Deposit to your employee


Perfect for those who just want

'the math' figured out for them



per month


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us to save the day



per month


Perfect for those who want

the whole super package!



per month

Please look at each package carefully to choose which suits your situation.

Hero Package $40 per month

If you are confident making your own payroll and tax remittances to the CRA, the Hero package provides the information you need for the remittance documents. Let Nanny Tax calculate the monthly taxes, Canada Pension Plan (CPP), and Employment Insurance (EI) amounts. We generate and submit your T4 and T4 summaries, complete your Record of Employment (ROE) forms, and produce Employment Standards compliant paystubs. We do the calculations and produce the information so you can confidently send your remittance to the CRA.

Super Hero Package $55 per month

The SuperHero Package has Nanny Tax do everything except pay your nanny or elder caregiver. With the SuperHero package, Nanny Tax calculates the monthly taxes, CPP payments, and EI amounts. We generate and submit your T4 and T4 summaries, complete your ROE forms, produce Employment Standards compliant paystubs, AND submit your payments and all documentation to the CRA complete and on time.


Workers Compensation rules differ from province to province. Calculating and reporting earnings to your provincial Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB) can be very complicated and produce huge headaches. Let Nanny Tax take the pain out of reporting earnings, paying premiums and fulfilling your obligations.


The SuperHero Package is a great choice for people who want to be absolutely certain about their documents and scheduled payments to the CRA and WCB. It assures your employer obligations will consistently be met with complete and proper documentation.

Legendary Package $60 per month

The name says it all. Nanny Tax’s Legendary Package does everything you need as an employer of childcare or eldercare workers. It is the best package we offer. The Legendary Package has Nanny Tax cover virtually all administrative employment functions, including making direct payments to your nanny or caregiver.


This package has Nanny Tax’s experts calculate your monthly taxes, CPP payments, and EI amounts. We generate and submit the T4 and T4 summaries, complete ROE forms, and produce Employment Standards compliant paystubs. We submit your payments and documents to the CRA and WCB complete and on time, AND, we pay your caregivers by a regular direct deposit. You don’t have to lift a pencil except to mark your calendar, Nanny Tax does the rest.


This is our most comprehensive package offering complete peace of mind in your relationship with your employees and with the CRA, WCB, and Service Canada.


Get Nanny Tax working for you.


Additional Services

  • Business number registration with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) -


    one-time fee
  • Account registration with the provincial Workers' Compensation Board (WCB) -


    one-time fee
All prices are subject to GST/HST - Minimum annual fee of



Frequently Asked Questions


What is the main difference between the Hero and SuperHero plan?


With the Hero plan, you pay your Nanny or Caregiver and remit the appropriate taxes yourself. We are providing you with the amounts you

need to pay to your employee and to the CRA, along with the due dates. With the SuperHero plan, we will remit to the CRA and/or WCB

on your behalf so there is no chance of forgetting - especially with our direct debit system!


What is the main difference between the SuperHero and Legendary plan?


With Legendary, you don't need to write any cheques! The whole payroll package is provided by us. We pay the CRA, WCB, and your employee for you!


Is the level of support drastically different between the three plans?


No. Perish the thought! We know how sensitive payroll is, so we definitely look after all of our customers with top-tier support.

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