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2017 Baby and Toddler Recalled Items Sold in Canada

It’s a brand new year and already several recall announcements have gone out for items sold in Canada. Below you’ll find the latest recalls from late 2016 and January 2017 with items made especially for children. Read through the list, make sure you don’t have any of the recalled items, and if you do follow the instructions to return the item. Clothing Peekaboo Beans Inc. Bean Playsuits Do you have...

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What to Do Before Your Child Gets Lost

Planning a holiday getaway this summer? Even if you’re planning to stay home, you and your child should know what to do in case they get lost or separated. It can happen any day of the year at the grocery store or the mall, but can be much scarier if you lose sight of your child on holiday in an unfamiliar setting. Snap a Pic Before you leave home, the...

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Two Home Dangers Many Parents Overlook

Excited new parents are quick to put safety caps over their electrical outlets, latches on drawers, and a toddler proof latch on the toilet. These safety devices are commonly used from when the child is an infant to when they start school, and they can prevent a number of accidents and injuries for little curious fingers. While most parents assume they have all of the household hazards minimized, when it...

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Deborah Shure answers the question about whether your nanny or elder caregiver is your employee or self employed
Deborah Shure answers the hard questions and discusses nanny & elder caregiver contracts, gross versus net pay & more
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Deborah Shure helps you get started with payroll for your nanny or elder caregiver