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5 Simple Tips To Prevent Falls in Seniors

Slips, trips, and falls aren’t fun at any age; but for the elderly they can lead to severe injuries or even be fatal. According to the CDC (a US agency), a startling 95% of hip injuries in seniors are caused by falls, sending a whopping 258,000 people annually to the hospital in the US. Sadly, one in five people over age 65 who fall and fracture their hip end up...

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5 Fun Birthday Party Activities That Won’t Break The Bank (Infographic)

Want MORE fun and budget friendly birthday party ideas? Check out our “Brilliant Birthdays” board on Pinterest. It is packed full of games, activities, art projects, and more for all age levels. Be sure to pin this NOW on your Pinterest birthday board so you can find it later! Do you know of another fun and budget friendly birthday party activity? Be sure to leave a comment and let us...

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I’m Bored: Green Craft Ideas For Kids To Beat Summer Boredom

With summer here, many parents and nannies are hearing those two words from sweet little mouths that are way too common, “I’m bored.” These words may be accompanied with a groan, a whine, and a slumped over child throwing themselves across the couch. This is not a fun time for them and certainly not fun for the adult dealing with the kid on the edge of a boredom meltdown. Turn the...

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13 Free (or Almost Free) Family Friendly Activities to Do This Weekend (Infographic)

Looking for family fun that won’t break the bank? Here are 13 activities that you can do this weekend that are low cost and entertaining for ALL ages! Your kids will have a blast while you savor every minute of quality family time. These activities are also great to suggest to your nanny or babysitter to keep the little ones busy while in their care.

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