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5 Classes Every Nanny and Parent Should Sign Up For NOW

Does your nanny have the basic skills needed to keep your family safe and healthy? Do you? Here are five basic classes that everyone should consider for themselves and the family caregiver. If your nanny has already taken the classes, that’s really good! However, don’t be shy about asking him or her if they need a refresher course, and volunteer to go with them so you both can learn some...

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4 Need To Know Tips For Social Media Safety

Do you post photos of your kids on Facebook? Most parents do without batting an eye. They know who their Facebook friends are, and they completely trust the family and close friends that see their photos. The problem is that if the security settings on the account are not set properly anyone and everyone could be reading your post. Anyone who happens on your Facebook page could stumble upon your...

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4 Tips To Help Your Nanny Succeed Through The Summer

1. Feed your nanny! Most parents set out snacks and meals for the kiddos, but some parents never consider that the nanny may need to refuel too. He or she needs energy to keep up with your little ones. Some parents may assume that the caregiver will help themselves to food in the fridge, but most won’t unless you specifically say it is okay. Help your nanny stay on top...

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Time Off and Curfews: Tips For a Happier Nanny

One of the biggest issues that go on between families and caregivers is the issue of free time and nights off. There needs to be a clear line that separates the time from when a nanny is to care for your children and when he or she is off duty. The lines can be blurry when the nanny or caregiver lives in the home with the family.

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