4 Bonus Nanny Skills That Can Inspire Your Child

Your nanny cares for the people you love the most, your kids. He or she cooks for them, keeps their little dirty faces wiped clean, and helps care for them when they are sick. They mind the basic needs of the family while you take care of your obligations. As the parent (and employer) you have done a background check, spoke with references, and made sure they are a great fit for your family.

One thing many busy parents overlook is extracurricular skills that the nanny may have. They may be listed on their resume, or they may not come up until you specifically ask. If you are in the process of hiring a nanny, inquire about the following skills. If you already have a nanny in place, casually ask the next time you and your nanny have a few minutes. These skills are a bonus and can be seen as a little extra icing on the cake.

A Second Language

A second language is an invaluable life skill. If your nanny speaks a second (or even a third) language, ask them to teach it to your child. The earlier children are introduced to a second language the easier it will be for them to pick it up. Having a second language looks impressive on both college applications and job resumes.

Musical Skills

Although many schools now offer to teach students to play an instrument, having a nanny that plays one can give your kiddo an extra edge. Schools have many students in one room trying to learn as a group, and a nanny could work with your child one-on-one. Learning to play the guitar, the cello, the violin, or any other instrument can be a fun at home activity for kids of any age. Your nanny may be able to give your child tips on everything from holding the instrument to keeping it in tune. Having a nanny that inspires your little Mozart is priceless.

Algebra, Calculus, Chemistry, and Other College Classes

Families that have children spread apart in years may find themselves with both a newborn and a teenager. Kids are learning algebra, chemistry, and other advanced classes at a younger age than we did as kids. Some schools are teaching Algebra in the fourth grade! A nanny with college credit who can help with math or science homework can be a lifesaver. They may be able to help your kids with homework that you can’t. This can easily turn a stressful situation into a positive one, and inspire your child to be the next Albert Einstein.

Athletic Skills

Some parents are seeking out nannies that have athletic skills in their child’s favourite sports. A nanny that can help coach your child at home on their athletic skills can be handy. This is a great way for your kid and nanny to bond while improving your kid’s game. If you haven’t hired a nanny yet, don’t be shy about asking what sports they play while doing interviews. If your kid is a soccer addict, look for a nanny that can teach your child new skills. Always make sure your nanny coaches in a positive and supporting manner, so that your little David Beckham doesn’t lose their love for the game.

Not every nanny will have one of these skills, and that’s okay too. The best nanny will have strengths that work for your family. Do you know of a skill that is great for a nanny to have? Does your nanny have any of these skills? Leave a comment and let us know!

Photo courtesy of: taliesin

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