4 Tips To Help Your Nanny Succeed Through The Summer

1. Feed your nanny! Most parents set out snacks and meals for the kiddos, but some parents never consider that the nanny may need to refuel too. He or she needs energy to keep up with your little ones. Some parents may assume that the caregiver will help themselves to food in the fridge, but most won’t unless you specifically say it is okay. Help your nanny stay on top of his or her game by supplying enough snacks for the kids and the caregiver. When it comes to meals, make sure there is a serving for the nanny, or let them know what they can eat in the fridge.

2. Supply enough money for activities in advance! It is common for a parent to say ,”Just let me know what you spend and I will include it in your cheque next week.” This is not okay. You nanny will have expenses of their own, and they may have a hard time making ends meet if they are covering kid’s activities out of their pocket for a week or two. Instead, supply money up front, or reimburse the nanny at the end of their shift. Ask for receipts if needed, but do not expect them to wait four, five, or even ten days so that you can include this money with their regular cheque. Some nannies may be forced to put your kid’s expenses on their credit card just to get through the day, which is wrong for a number of reasons. Always reimburse your nanny for activities, your kid’s food, and any incidentals that arise, such as parking fees while they were on the clock with your kids ASAP, if not in advance.

3. Throw your nanny a lifeline! Emergencies happen, and at some point your nanny may need help. Your child may become really sick, and your nanny may find you unreachable. Always make sure the person watching your child has a list of people to contact in an emergency. You and your spouse are NOT enough! Your phone could die or you may be without reception, and the spouse may be locked away in a meeting and unable to come to the phone. Consider adding grandparents to the phone tree list or aunts and uncles. This way if your child or your nanny has an emergency and you cannot be reached, they will still have a lifeline.

4. Do not forget to schedule in a day or two off! Summer is hard on parents and nannies. Kids that are old enough for school are now home all day. If your nanny previously just took care of your little one, they may find themselves taking care of your older kids too all day long. If your nanny was just accustomed to after school care, they may find their hours doubled or even tripled. Take care of your nanny and schedule regular days off. You may have the most adorable children ever, but your nanny can still suffer from work burnout. Keep him or her loving their job and your kids by making sure they get the time they need to recover each week.

Photo credit: taylorschlades from morguefile.com

Have another tip to keep you nanny going strong throughout the summer? Let us know! Be sure to leave a comment below!

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