5 Simple Ways To Show Your Nanny Appreciation

If you have an awesome nanny that goes above and beyond for your family, you shouldn’t be shy about letting him or her know how much you appreciate them. While telling them verbally is a great way to do so, sometimes you want to a little something extra. Here are 4 great ways to show your nanny you appreciate their hard work that won’t break the family budget!

Keep his or her favorite food on hand.

Just like you, your nanny needs fuel to get through the day. If your nanny contract states that you will supply their food when they are caring for your family, you might as well offer them what they like. Having their favorite tea, fruits, vegetables, or snacks available will give them that afternoon boost they need, and show them that you take their likes and preferences into consideration.

Acknowledge their birthday.

While you don’t have to throw them a party, acknowledging their birthday with a card or small gift. Your nanny or caregiver may have requested the day off, or they may be working that day. Either way, this is one of the few times that the CRA allows employers to gift non-cash items tax-free. Avoid cash, gift cards, and near-cash gifts, as these items are always taxable. Instead, consider handmade gifts from your kiddos, t-shirts, coffee, gift baskets, or another non-cash item. For more information on employee gifts and taxes, see A Gift That Isn’t Taxing.

Write your thanks in a note.

A handwritten note takes five minutes and doesn’t cost a thing. Thank your nanny or caregiver for being on time every day when picking the kids up from school, for making your loved one feel special, or for any other task they do that helps keep life running smoothly. A note shows them that their hard work is appreciated, and that their employer recognizes all that they do.

Create a nanny goody bag just for her.

Start with a cute inexpensive tote or a re-usable grocery bag and fill it full of goodies from the dollar store. Look for things like stickers, crayons, coloring books, and other items that your nanny can pull out of her magic nanny bag to keep the kiddos entertained. Feel free to tuck in a few items just for your nanny, like paperback books, lotion, or her favorite chocolates.

How do you show your application for your caregiver? Is there something your nanny does that makes them beyond awesome? We would love to know, so please leave a comment and let us know!

Photo courtesy of MeddyGarnet on Flickr

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