5 Top Tips For Organising A Children’s Birthday Party

Organising a child’s birthday party can seem simple at first, but you can quickly become bogged down by all the work that needs to go into it. You could find yourself treating your little one’s special day as more of a chore than a joy, and that’s exactly what a party is not about. By following these handy tips and hints, you’ll be in control and looking forward to your child’s party.

Plan ahead:
It seems obvious, but planning the party well in advance will reduce your stress levels massively. Figure out the size of the celebration (is it going to be intimate, or a lavish affair?), your budget, the theme (fancy dress, formal dress or just good old casual?) and of course, the date and time.  Making sure that the groundwork for your party is taken care of leaves you enough time to focus on the little details.

Invite some friends:
When you’ve decided on a date and time, it’s time to think about inviting your friends and family. Do you want to keep your numbers low, and just invite close family and friends, like grandparents and godparents? Or do you want the hustle and bustle of a big party, with your child’s friends, their parents and so on. It’s important to make a decision and stick to it, as the size of your guest list will have a direct impact on any money you will end up spending.

What about the entertainment?
We all know how hard it can be to keep kids amused, so it is a good idea to organise some kind of entertainment for all of the little ones to enjoy. Whether it’s a bouncy castle, a magician or even a face painter, there are a wealth of options available.

Time for some food!
Something else to think about is what kind of food you are going to provide for your guests. A buffet table laden with all kinds of finger food is always a hit, and when combined with paper plates and plastic cutlery, there’s hardly any washing up to do afterwards!

It would be a pointless endeavour to have any elaborate gourmet ideas when it comes to the food, especially if children are going to be eating it. Stick to child friendly finger sandwiches and little cakes and treats. If your child is old enough, perhaps get them involved in preparing the food with you? They’ll appreciate it all the more!

Don’t forget the party bags!
The best thing about going to a birthday party? Ask any child, and they are almost certainly guaranteed to say the party bag! A party bag is a great way to ensure that your little guests leave the party happy and satisfied. Try including some sweets, a novelty toy, a party hat and of course – a slice of the all important birthday cake!

Time to party!
Once you have got to grips with all of the above, you’ll find that you are ready to enjoy your child’s birthday party almost as much as the children will! Keeping calm and organised will make all the difference, and you’ll be glad that you took the steps to do so. So after all of that hard work, there’s only one thing left to do. Enjoy yourself!

About the Author:
James Sinclair is the Managing Director at The Partyman Company based in Basildon and specialises in children’s entertainment and event planning in the UK

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