6 Toddler Friendly Chores To Help Your Child Flourish

Every little member of the family needs to feel important, loved, and needed. Experts agree that giving children, even the smallest of children, a simple chore or activity that they are responsible for teaches them responsibility and teamwork at an early age. It makes them feel important to have a “job” that helps mom, dad, or their loved ones, and can build their budding self confidence.

Before you start making a list of things for your kid to do, think about their age, their abilities, and their safety. Two children the same age, or ten children the same age for that matter, may all have different strengths, personalities, and abilities. It is best to start off with one simple task, and later build from there. You do not want to assign your kiddo a job that will frustrate them or that they can’t physically handle. Keep it easy, breasy, and fun!


At what age did you have your little one help out around the house? What task is their favorite? We LOVE comments, so be sure to leave your ansers below!

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