8 Recalled Baby and Toddler Items Sold in Canada

You spend an afternoon registering for your bundle of joy, you unwrap your baby gifts with glee at your shower, and when baby arrives you put the items to great use. Sad but true, many baby and toddler items are recalled months (and even years) after they are sold. Mom (and dad, nanny, and grandparents) continue to use the products, never suspecting the handy stroller used on a daily basis could be an accident waiting to happen.

Here are 8 recalled baby and toddler items that were sold in Canada recently. If you have any of these items in your home, put them away in a closet, or out of your child’s reach, until you contact the manufacturer and see what needs to be done to make the items safe for your little ones.

Bumbleride Carrycots: Bumbleride Carrycots are portable bassinets with collapsible fabric sides and flexible straps. They are made to work with Bumbleride strollers and have been recalled because they don’t meet requirements of the Cribs, Cradles and Bassinets Regulations. The straps fall in where the baby lays, and could pose an entanglement hazard.

The three recalled models are the Bumbleride Carrycot (CC-10); Indie Carrycot (CN-75); and the Indie Twin Carrycot (CC-25). There were 805 of these sold in Canada between January 2009 and May 7, 2012. The recall was announced January 15, 2013. If you have one of these, call the manufacturer at 1-800-530-3930, Monday through Friday between 8PM to 4PM PT for further instructions.

Baby Jogger City VersaTM Strollers: All Baby Jogger City VersaTM model strollers made from May 15 to August 20, 2012 have been recalled. The manufacture date can be found on the stroller’s black plastic side hinge below “Baby Jogger” and “City Versa,” as well as on the stroller’s fabric in the child’s leg area. All of these strollers were made with charcoal gray metal frames and black, silver, red or green fabric.

This stroller can collapse with a child in it, because the locking mechanism can appear to be locked but fail without any warning. The recall was announced on December 12, 2012, and consumers with this stroller should call the Canada distributor, Brands in Motion, Inc., at 1-866-774-7177, from 8AM to 5:30PM EST, Monday through Friday.

Carry handles on Bugaboo Cameleon and Bugaboo Donkey Strollers: This recall is regarding the button on the handle of a stroller that can cause the stroller to fall and pose a choking hazard to little ones who might put the loose button in their mouth.

These faulty buttons are only on the Bugaboo Cameleon strollers with serial numbers:

  • S/N 04011090900001 to S/N 04031101009999
  • S/N 08011090900001 to S/N 08021100800386
  • S/N 140100093600531 to S/N 140103123350418
    • Faulty buttons are only on Bugaboo Donkey strollers with serial numbers:

      • S/N 170101105300001 to S/N 170104130900500

      3,869 of the Cameleon models were sold in Canada, and 38,653 were sold in the United States, while 576 of the Donkey models were sold in Canada and 7,703 were sold in the United States. If you believe you have this stroller, call 1-800-460-2922, from 7AM to 4PM PT, Monday through Friday.

      Peapod Travel Bed: KidCo PeaPod Travel Beds and PeaPod Plus Travel Beds weer announced for recall on November 16, 2012. These beds are portable sleep tents in different sizes, marketing for infants to age 3, depending on the model. They have zippered sides and either a mattress pad or an inflatable air mattress on the floor of the tent.

      From January 2005 (and event currently), 220,000 of these recalled tents were sold in the US and 30,000 were sold in Canada. Only certain models with certain colors were recalled, and the model numbers are printed on a tag on the bottom of the tent:

      • P001 Tangerine
      • P100 Teal
      • P101 Red
      • P102 Lime
      • P103 Periwinkle
      • P104 Ocean
      • P201 Princess/Red
      • P202 Camouflage
      • P203 Quick Silver
      • P204 Sagebrush
      • P205 Cardinal
      • P900CS Green

      These tents were recalled because the infant or toddler can roll and get trapped between the mattress and the tent. One child died, and several were injured. If you have one of these portable sleep tents, call KidCo at 1-855-847-8600, between 8:30 AM and 5 PM CT, Monday through Friday, for a repair kit. Even AFTER the tent has been repaired with the kit, Health Canada and the manufacturer suggests that this product only be used with children 12 months and up.

      Britax Convertible Infant/Child Car Seats: Three models were recalled on November 9, 2012, the Boulevard 65-G3, Pavilion 65-G3 and Advocate 65-G3 models. Only those listed below, made between June 1, 2012 and August 31, 2012 are included:

      • Boulevard 65-G3 E9LK11A (Onyx)
      • E9LK11M (Caitlin)
      • E9LK11S (Silver Birch)
      • E9LK13P (Zebra)
      • E9LK13S (Aztec)
      • Pavilion 65-G3 E9LK41A (Onyx)
      • E9LK41Q (Cowmooflage)
      • E9LK42D (Blueprint)
      • E9LK42Z (Sophia)
      • E9LK43Q (Biscotti)
      • Advocate 65-G3 E9LG91A (Onyx)
      • E9LG93N (Serene)
      • E9LG93P (Zebra)
      • E9LG93X (Opus Gray)
      • E9LG93Y (Anna)

      The problem with these models is that the pad on the harness system, which was made to be softer than previous models, can be chewed and bitten off. There have been three reports of children gagging on pieces. There were 4,812 of these recalled car seats sold in Canada from June 2012 to November 2012 , and those that registered their product have already been notified. If you believe you have one, please call 1-888-427-4829 to receive a free repair kit.

      Upholstered Toddler Chairs by The Trend Lab: An assortment of toddler chairs in “Club style and Mod style,” measuring 61 centimetres (24 inches) wide by 46 centimetres (18 inches) tall by 43 centimetres (17 inches) deep were recalled on November 5, 2012. These chairs were sold from October 2007 to August 2012 and came in the following color and model combinations:

      • Club 107002 Brown suede
      • 107003 Pink suede
      • 107004 Blue velour
      • 107013 Max brown dots on blue woven fabric
      • 107014 Maya brown dots on pink woven fabric
      • 107030 Turquoise blue suede
      • 30002 Red velour with Cat in the Hat embroidery
      • 30004 Blue velour with Cat in the Hat embroidery
      • 30005 Olive green velour with Cat in the Hat embroidery
      • 30008 Blue velour with 1 Fish 2 Fish embroidery
      • 30014 Pink velour with Oh the Places You’ll Go embroidery
      • 30093 Brown Suede with ABC Dr. Seuss characters
      • Mod 107009 Max blue and brown stripes woven
      • 107010 Maya pink and brown stripes woven
      • 107011 Pink and brown zebra print velour
      • 107028 Bright fuchsia pink velour

      All of these toddler chairs came with ottomans, and Health Canada suspects only 40 of these were sold in Canada. The problem arises when the staples on the back of the chair detach and become a choking hazard and laceration hazard. No injuries have been reported, but it is better to be safe than sorry. If your tot has one of these chair sets, please call 1-866-814-7978, from 8AM to 4:30PM CT, Monday through Friday.

      Graco Classic Wood Highchair: October 9, 2012 was the recall announcement date for the Graco Classic Wood Highchair, both in Cherry (model 3C00CHY) and Butter Pecan (model 3C00BPN) models. These two chairs were sold from 2001 to 2011.

      Out of the 3,439 recalled high chairs sold in Canada, and 86,000 sold in the US, there have been 58 reports of the seat suddenly coming loose from the base, causing the chair and child to fall. Thankfully, there were no deaths reported, but lots of bumps, bruises, and scrapes; plus a concussion.

      If you think you have one of these recalled chairs, call Elfe Juvenile Products for a free repair kit at 1-800-667-8184.

      Molly Moo Doll: On September 6, 2012, it was announced that the Molly Moo Doll made by Royal Specialty Sales was voluntarily being recalled as precautionary measure. The manufacturer discovered that the nose had come off of two of the dolls, and could become a choking hazard. There have been no reports of injuries.

      658 of the recalled dolls were sold in Canada from June 2012 to August 2012. If you have the Molly Moo Doll, contact Royal Specialty Sales Customer Service at 1-416-423-1133 extension 239, Monday through Friday, from 8:30AM to 4:30PM ET, for more information.

      Want to see a complete list of EVERY item currently recalled in Canada? Visit the Health Canada website to see them all. You can also sort by product type, such as children’s and baby items.

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