The Complex Nature of a Nanny Disciplining Your Child

Lapses in a child’s behaviour are a part of growing up, and crucial to their budding understanding of boundaries and limitations.

While your own disciplinary measures may be a fair compromise for both sides, keep in mind that your child’s nanny isn’t you, and their methods and philosophies will differ.

Getting on the same disciplinary page is essential to the well-being of your child, and your working relationship with your family’s nanny!

Don’t Let Anyone Become the Bad Cop

Having your rules undermined is frustrating for you, and confusing for your child. But a lot of the time it’s not done on purpose.

For example, discrepancies with television rules are always an issue. If your nanny allows for television-time all afternoon, while you employ strict T.V. limitations after school, you’ll be the bad cop.

Conversely, if you have a lax approach on television, but your nanny is a T.V. taskmaster, it’ll make your nanny out to be the dreaded anti-fun police.

Our Suggestion: Misunderstandings over house rules can be easily quashed by placing said rules and restrictions around the home, like the fridge or a common-area corkboard on the wall.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

‘No spanking’ and ‘no yelling’ are easy rules for your child’s caregiver to follow. If these rules aren’t adhered to, there is nothing wrong with finding a new nanny.

But there are many grey areas when it comes to discipline, as well as numerous ways to lay down the law. By taking issue with inconsequential, minor reprimands, you’ll only create more stress for yourself.

Our Suggestion: Provided your nanny is sticking to your ground rules, and abiding to your no-yelling and no-spanking policies, empower them to take initiative. They are, after all, highly-skilled professionals acting in the best interest of your child. Otherwise, you’re going to have a revolving door of nannies coming in and out of your home.

Remember, nobody likes a micromanager!

Create a Partnership with Communication

Most employee-employer relationships bloom when there is productive back-and-forth communication. Minimal dialogue will leave your nanny feeling isolated. If they aren’t comfortable talking to you, potential behavioural issues may go ignored and un-remedied.

Our Suggestion: Encourage input from your nanny. You don’t always have to agree, but all partnerships require communication when seeking common ground. Better still, you’ll gain further insight into your child’s habits and behaviours, while learning a multitude of new parenting techniques.

Most importantly, a strong partnership creates a unified front. Your child will be aware that they won’t be getting away with poor behaviour, regardless if it’s in front of you or their nanny.

Even the best-behaved children have spells of acting out, proving that parenting and childcare is never easy!

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