How To Raise a Bookworm

How does your child feel about reading? Is it something you do as a family, or does your kiddo see it as a chore rather than a fun activity? If your little one doesn’t enjoy books, it is never too late to convert them into a little bookworm. If your older child hates reading, it could be because they aren’t reading at grade level. Here are reasons why your kids should be converted into little book lovers, as well as some fun ways to get them reading.

Perks of better readers include breezing through assignments and scoring higher on tests!

Kids who struggle with reading have a harder time with school and homework. Reading directions and textbooks takes them more time than their peers, as does finishing assignments. They may get frustrated and give up on assignments altogether, and score lower on tests just because they struggle with reading test questions.

Many kiddos who struggle at school are teased by classmates. Improving these skills can change the way a child sees school and change the way other kids treat them. Their confidence will grow as they start finishing assignments in the same amount of time as their peers and they see their grades improve.

If your kiddo struggles, switch up your reading methods and see what works!

Not everyone learns the same way. Some schools and homeschool programs teach reading using phonics, while others use sight words. With phonics, children learn what each letter of the alphabet sounds like, as well as each part of a word. For example, they will learn the sounds that c, a, and t make and then put them together to spell cat. This method teaches children to sound out words.

Another popular method is sight words, also called the whole language approach. This is when children view flash cards with words, and they memorize that “cat” on paper is cat. This method works the same as math flash cards, and for many people is a faster way to learn to read. If your child is struggling with phonics, switch it up and see if they learn better using sight words.

Encourage children to choose books over television!

Nurture a future bookworm by encouraging children to choose books over television. Whenever your kiddo says they are bored, direct them to the family bookcase. Read your kids a book at naptime or in the afternoon, as well as before bed. Letting them pick the book is usually an exciting time for little ones. If you make reading together a routine activity, they will soon start begging you to read more often. This is also a great educational activity for your nanny to participate in with your children.

A trip to the library is a great activity for everyone in the family. Skip the movies or the mall, and instead head to the library to borrow a sack full of books. Kids love choosing selections for themselves, and most libraries have audio books for kids that include the paperback copy. You’ll save money and help your child improve their reading skills.

Do you have another tip that helped your child love books? Leave a comment below and let us know what worked for you!

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