Medication Schedules Made Easy Plus FREE Printable Rx Sheets

Remembering to take one medication a day for yourself can be a challenge. Add in remembering to give your kiddos their meds, or your elder their meds, and things can get confusing. The last thing you want to do is accidentally double dose your daughter on her antibiotic, or forget and skip a day altogether on your mum’s blood pressure medication.

Here are FOUR great tips to help you organise your family’s medication schedule, plus two free medication schedule printables:

Write on the Bottle


If you have a fine tipped permanent marker, and semi-readable handwriting, you can write directly on the bottle of certain medications. This is especially handy if the medication will only be used for a week or so.

For a medication that will only be used a few days, write the first letter of each day of the week with a line beside it. As you take the medicine, or give it to your loved one, put a check or an X on the line beside the day of the week.

For medications that are taken once a day all month long, you can make a chart on the bottle with the number of days in the month. As shown above, there are 31 days in May, so I wrote numbers 1 through 31 each in their own little box. When I took it on the first day of the month, I drew an X over the 1, and will do the same each day when I take it.

If you mess up, just wipe it with an alcohol swab and start over.

Use a Daily Medicine Box


You’ve seen those daily medicine boxes on TV and at other people’s homes, and there’s a reason these things are so popular; They work in keeping your meds organised! They have simple boxes with one compartment per day, as well as fancy medicine organisers with multiple compartments for each day. If you have little kids in the home, make sure you choose a box that is kid proof and keep it out of reach from little hands. Better safe then sorry!

There’s an App for That


As we talked about in our post titled 4 Handy Apps for the Sandwich Generation, there are apps out there to help you manage medications. The one we talked about is called MedCoach. We liked it because you could share medication info between family members, and there was a handy refill reminder function. Check out our post for more info!

Keep a Written Schedule

If you’re a list maker, you may like a good old fashioned written medication schedule. Just for you, we have created two simple schedules that you can print and use in your home. These are especially handy when multiple people are giving the medicine, such as you and a caregiver to your elder. Hang it on the fridge, punch holes and it and keep it in a binder, or laminate it and use it over-and-over.


You can find our free printable Weekly Medication Schedule here!


Or our Twice Daily Medication Schedule here!

Are you already on top of the medication organization game? If so, what do you use to stay on track with your loved one’s meds? If you have a tip that could help others, be sure to leave a comment and let us know. We LOVE comments, and you never know how many other people you could be helping!

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