How a Nanny Can Help with Your Child’s Academics

Studies conducted by the National Academy of Science suggest that caregivers are integral to a child’s academic success. A skilled caregiver instills daily routines that cultivate a structured, productive environment that pays dividends in children’s schoolwork.

Your nanny can aid in the scholarly exploits of your children with these useful tips:

Create the Right Space

As we’ve discussed before, your children require a space free of distractions caused by television, iPads, or background noises, to be fully engaged in their studies.

You can use the kitchen table, a bean bag chair in their room, or a desk tucked away in the corner. The dedicated space will help with concentration, productivity, and creating a sense of ownership. They can personalize their workspace into an environment that belongs to them. They may even look forward to doing their homework!

Create the Right Rewards System

A rewards system will offer your children that extra bit of motivation to buckle down on daily homework.

Try to avoid rewards like extra-television time or sugary snacks, instead focusing on rewards that encourage thought or imagination. Stickers on a poster, a trip to the park, playing their favourite song, or even a brand-new book (of their choosing) are perfect incentives for well-done school work!

When you come home from work, review completed tasks with your nanny, so there’s no second guessing on whether or not the rewards criteria have been met.

Create the Right Homework Routine

If your nanny is forcing your children to figure out the square-root of Pi as soon as they walk through the door, it will elicit resentment towards homework.

Imagine if you came home from a full day of work, and immediately had to write a three-page biography on Sir John A. MacDonald. Just like you, your children benefit from down time after a long day…after all, they aren’t robots.

Work out the requisite time your children need to re-charge their batteries, and coordinate with your nanny at what point the children are to hit the books.

Create the Right Bedtime Routine

Your young one could have written a short story that would leave Mark Twain envious…but if it’s left at home, they may as well be Mark’s forgotten brother, Fred.

While you shouldn’t place sole responsibility on a nanny to pack completed homework, they should double check if your children have done so. When children pack their own homework and set out their next-day’s outfit before bed, it teaches them the value of preparation and encourages smooth mornings followed by productive days at school!

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