Make Your Nanny a Boo-Boo Box

Do your children go out to the park, library, or on an adventure with their nanny? Chances are they don’t spend 100% of their time at home, and when they do go out, you don’t wrap them from head to toe in bubble wrap. When your little ones are running around playing, the odds of a scrape, trip, splinter, or booboo are high. Help keep your nanny prepared by creating a boo-boo box that she can take on the go and pull out as needed.

The Box

An empty plastic wipes tub is perfect to use as a booboo box or first aid kit. You can also use a shoe box, a plastic pencil box, a large Ziploc bag, or any other little container you find around the house. Dollar stores are also a great place to score a box on the cheap.

In the Box

When filling your box, think about what kind of kid size emergencies could come up. Scrapes are common, and if your kids spend a lot of time outdoors at the park, a bug bite could easily happen. Again, dollar stores can be a great way to fill your box and get most of what you need for just a few dollars.

Consider including:

  • Band-Aids of different sizes (small enough for fingers and big enough for scraped knees)
  • Travel sized polysporin
  • A thermometer
  • Tweezers
  • Big bite spray or cream
  • Rash ointment
  • An instant cooling/ice pack
  • Children’s or infant’s fever reducer (look for child proof caps)
  • Stickers (sometimes a little redirection works miracles when trying to bandage a booboo)

Make an Extra

Boo-boo boxes make great little gifts for grandparents, babysitters, and families with children. Consider making a few extra to keep on hand as last minute gifts. Make sure you also have one in the back of your car too as with kids you never know when you’ll need a Band-Aid.


Does your nanny have a boo-boo box or a first aid kit she takes on the go? Is there something in your box that we missed? If you have thoughts or tips, please leave a comment below. We LOVE comments, and yours could help others!

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