How to Treat Your Nanny: A List of Dos and Don’ts

If you’re managing your live-in or live-out nanny’s pay with NannyTax, you’re treating them well financially. However, interactions with your child’s caregiver should differ from your subordinates at the office. After all, your child’s day-to-day life isn’t a simple matter of H.R. policies and office bulletin board notices.

Read-on for NannyTax’s various dos and don’ts for your employer-nanny relationship!

Don’t – Be a Drill Sgt.

Deciding to run your household like General Patton will make your nanny feel like she’s one of your children. Strict rules and business-like questions will make a quality caregiver feel unwelcome or untrusted if they need to raise topics such as domestic chores or safety concerns.

Do – Have a Friendly Tone

Chances are, you’re not purposely callous towards your nanny. Maybe you’re tired after a long day at the office, and a longer commute home.

Well, they’ve been working all day too, so be mindful of your manner. Plenty of families are desperate for a great caregiver, and any unfriendliness could lead you to a frantic search for a new nanny. Maintaining a cordial relationship based on trust, builds loyalty, respect, and open communication – a must when it comes to the care of your children!

Don’t – Get Jealous of Nannies

Some mothers grow jealous of nannies when their children become attached. Feeling like “bad moms”, they resent the nannies. Some go as far as hiring au pairs on yearly contracts, replacing them annually to ensure that their offspring don’t become attached. Others habitually fire nannies the second the child reaches for them first!

Do – Think Logically

While it’s natural for it to hurt when your child reaches out for someone other than you, there’s a need to think logically. If your child relies on their nanny, it means you’ve hired someone truly great who you can trust! The fruits of your hectic professional career have positioned your child’s welfare in good hands.

Do – Trust Yourself and Your Nanny

You’ve run applicants through a rigorous screening and interview process to find the best nanny for your child. You’ve talked to them, looked at their credentials, and made sure that their personalities are a good fit for your home.

So, trust the nanny you’ve hired! Micromanaging, second guessing, and nitpicking only makes more work for you.  So, believe in your judgment and let go of your apprehensions.

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