Web Development Training is the New Skill Parents Want for Their Kids

This guest post is courtesy of appendTo:

Childhood has become a busy time when parents pack as much learning and knowledge into their little ones as possible. Parents want to give their tots a head start with school subjects and keep their school aged kids on the same level, or even ahead of, their peers. The newest subject that parents want their kids to learn and get ahead on is web development training.

Web development for children? According to The New York Times many schools are adding this to the curriculum, some starting in grades as low as kindergarten. There are five and six year olds out there designing web pages and computer games at school, and getting ahead on these skills that they can use in the future as a career.

Do the kids enjoy it? Kids love computers! When they find out that they can create their own pages, their own programs, and make their ideas come to life they quickly get HOOKED on it. Most kids hate doing homework, but very few kids don’t beg to work on their computer skills. They see it as playing and fun, and you’ll be the one saying it’s time to get off the computer for a while.

How can you get your children up to speed with their peers on web development training? If your school doesn’t offer these classes, maybe you should bring the topic up at the next parent/teacher meeting. You always have the option to enroll your children in online web development training and allow them to learn at their own pace from home. Home based learning allows you to learn right along with your child, and create fun web pages and programs together.

What do the web experts say about kids and computer skills? appendTo sees a huge future need of a well qualified highly trained technical workforce. If your child grows up and isn’t fluent in web development training they may get passed over for applicants who are. Computers are in every aspect of business and the job competition is stiff. They encourage parents to build excitement early, learn the skills together, and see how far it can take you and your child in the future. appendTo offers a huge selection of computer and coding classes that you can take from home. There are classes for beginners, perfect for parents who want to learn the basics and teach their youngsters, intermediate classes, and advanced classes.

Photo courtesy of Gordon on Flickr.

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