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Our Story Is About Friends Helping Friends And

Homes Becoming Businesses

Deborah Shure

Founder and Owner

Honours BMath, ActSc, Stats
University of Waterloo

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While I was on maternity leave from a busy and high profile actuarial position my friends with nannies and caregivers were becoming increasingly frustrated when trying to calculate and remit their payroll tax.As a math and stats wiz, I was only too happy to help them. What turned out as friends helping friends nearly 10 years ago, quickly turned into a full time business with hundreds of clients across Canada.At that time, this type of business didn’t exist and busy families would spend more than 30 frustrating hours each year trying to file their payroll tax on time, all without understanding how to do the calculations or even set up and maintain their Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and Workplace Compensation Board (WCB) accounts.What we sometimes forget is that homes become businesses when families employ nannies or caregivers, and businesses have to remit payroll tax and WCB premiums and report earnings, on time, every time.

My team and I are standing by to:

  • Save you time! Giving you more time to spend with your family!
  • Help you avoid making costly mistakes. Prevent you from paying stiff penalties.
  • Provide you with full representation! We will take care of your follow ups, source deduction payments, record keeping and much more... Just ask!
Let us do the work for you! 1.877.626.6982 or taxquestions@nannytax.ca
Deborah Shure provides insights on hiring an elder caregiver or nanny and offers practical advice to help you get started