You Can’t Put A Price On Frustration Relief!

Seven years ago…

I hired Linda to take care of my new baby girl. At the time I had no idea what my payroll tax obligations were to my nanny, and to the government. My friends tried to help me and I did the best I could, but I just couldn’t seem to get it right.

I didn’t have all the information, I forgot to consider all the categories and my calculations were always off. I was either paying too much, or too little!

When I started receiving letters from the CRA I knew it was time for a service like NannyTax, and now I completely understand the value of outsourcing!

As a busy mom with a full time teaching job, NannyTax gives me one less thing to worry about. They provide a professional and efficient service, plus they have all the answers I need at their fingertips.

I can’t quantify the hours NannyTax saved me but I know I can’t put a price on frustration relief!

Because my nanny Linda works flexible hours, calculating her pay can be challenging. With NannyTax, I simply provide the number of hours worked and they in turn provide me with the correct calculations. Plus NannyTax sends me regular reminders so I don’t forget to submit Linda’s hours for each period.

I’m happy because NannyTax takes a huge load off my shoulders for very little cost. And Linda’s happy because she receives professional looking pay stubs at the end of each period.

NannyTax has got me covered, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the service to other busy families.

Anita Lamba

Busy Mom
Full Time Teacher
Valued NannyTax Customer

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Honestly I Couldn’t Imagine Managing My 91 Year Old Dad And All His Requirements Without Having NannyTax By My Side!

Five years ago…

I had to make the very difficult decision on how to care for my ailing dad. He was being released from an emergency stay at the hospital and it was evident he could not live on his own any longer.

I preferred to keep him in an apartment close by rather than move him into a nursing home, but that meant I needed to hire around the clock caregivers, and manage all the financial aspects associated with domestic help.

As a part time consultant and busy home maker, I now added doing my dad’s laundry, grocery shopping and meal prep to my busy lifestyle, and of course spending as much time with my dad was my number one priority.

When I saw an ad in the local newspaper in the fall of 2010 for NannyTax, I knew this was a service I had to have. Taking on all these extra duties was overwhelming and I couldn’t even begin to deal with the financial aspects associated with my dad’s caregivers.

I knew I needed to work with someone who specializes in payroll tax. My accountant could do the numbers but NannyTax could answer all my questions about holiday pay, annual increases, and so much more.

In fact recently NannyTax went above and beyond by providing me with multiple calculations and scenarios based on pay increases of different amounts. They also included the gross and the net amount to help me decide on the right increase for each caregiver.

I can’t even begin to imagine how much time I have saved using NannyTax.

I would have spent hours on the Internet trying to navigate the provincial employment standards, the CRA and the WCB, which is time I would rather spend with my dad.

I would highly recommend NannyTax to anyone with domestic help, they are available to answer my questions in a timely fashion, and they always remind me ten days in advance so I know what to pay to who and when, ensuring I never miss a deadline.

Honestly, I couldn’t imagine managing my 91 year old and all his requirements without having NannyTax by my side!

Marsha Urowitz

Caring Daughter
Consultant & Homemaker
Valued NannyTax Customer

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I Have More Time To Spend With My Family Now That NannyTax Takes Care Of All My Payroll Needs

Seven years ago…

I hired a nanny for my very active five year old daughter Margarita. As a busy dad [and executive] who worked long hours and traveled for work, I preferred to spend my spare time taking care of my family rather than wading through paperwork, calculating taxes and writing regular pay-cheques.

I was overstressed and overburdened and I needed help fast. A friend introduced me to NannyTax and was I glad I found them.

Not only did they ensure our nanny Joanne got paid on time but they took care of all the calculations, filing taxes and even providing salary pay stubs that I could share with Joanne, making the entire process transparent.

My biggest stumbling block was time. I struggled to make Joanne’s payments and had no idea how much vacation was due. NannyTax stepped in and took care of this for me. They paid Joanne directly and kept a record of vacation time accrued right on the pay stubs.

Using NannyTax means that I don’t spend time doing research. They are up to speed on all the new laws and legislations, and they’ve have taken on the administration burden.

Thanks to NannyTax I have more time to spend with my family, and I would highly recommend NannyTax to other busy parents.

Pat Cunningham

Devoted Dad
Busy Executive
Valued NannyTax Customer

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