I Have More Time To Spend With My Family Now That NannyTax Takes Care Of All My Payroll Needs

Seven years ago…

I hired a nanny for my very active five year old daughter Margarita. As a busy dad [and executive] who worked long hours and traveled for work, I preferred to spend my spare time taking care of my family rather than wading through paperwork, calculating taxes and writing regular pay-cheques.

I was overstressed and overburdened and I needed help fast. A friend introduced me to NannyTax and was I glad I found them.

Not only did they ensure our nanny Joanne got paid on time but they took care of all the calculations, filing taxes and even providing salary pay stubs that I could share with Joanne, making the entire process transparent.

My biggest stumbling block was time. I struggled to make Joanne’s payments and had no idea how much vacation was due. NannyTax stepped in and took care of this for me. They paid Joanne directly and kept a record of vacation time accrued right on the pay stubs.

Using NannyTax means that I don’t spend time doing research. They are up to speed on all the new laws and legislations, and they’ve have taken on the administration burden.

Thanks to NannyTax I have more time to spend with my family, and I would highly recommend NannyTax to other busy parents.

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