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Why Sleep is a Right, Not a Luxury

If you are a parent of an infant, or a caregiver to a loved one, chances are you aren’t getting enough sleep. Maybe it’s overnight feedings keeping you up, an elder that needs help throughout the night getting to the restroom, or just the stress that comes along with being a member of the sandwich generation; whatever the reason for your missed zzzz’s, it could be affecting more than just...

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Is Your Elder Safe to Drive?

Does your elder drive? According to Statistics Canada, over 75% of Canadians 65 and older have a drivers license. While many older adults are safe behind the wheel, a large number of the aging population may no longer be. Is your elder safe to drive? Health conditions do affect a person’s ability to drive. Dementia, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, arthritis, Parkinson’s, stroke, vision issues, physical conditions, and mental conditions can be red...

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4 Handy Apps for the Sandwich Generation

Those who find themselves a proud member of the “sandwich generation” often have double the work on their plate as a traditional parent. Caring for children is a fulltime job, and adding in a parent, grandparent, or adult loved one to care for quickly becomes a complicated juggling act. Here are 4 handy apps to help you gain control of your busy life, schedules, and money.

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